How to transfer funds instantly to your debit card

When you feel like your funds are stuck, and it is difficult to move it from one resource to another, there is no need to be dismayed. The problem might happen because of the lack of flexibility of the money transfer company, making it not easy to move your funds from their account. You are limited with such transactions, even with one of the leading international payment companies, as the easiest way to make money move from only one account to another.

Funds transfer

To transfer funds to a debit card using one of the leading payment companies, you may only do so if it is linked. If your account with the payment company is linked to your bank or a credit card, it is not possible to transfer the funds. No one also can send funds to that debit card directly via that payment company, as it has to be through their channel first, then only you can choose to withdraw to the debit card that is linked.

Have access to more options

You need to use a money services company like Paxum that has the pay-with-ease methods for you to be able to transfer funds to a debit card, fast. You can do so because this company provides you with flexibility. You are not stuck to one option on how to make payment transactions or withdraw the money. You have access to the linked global network of SWIFT for international bank transfers, and more.

Send funds to a card

With the options of this company, you can use the money transfer services to send funds to a debit card. From your money stored in their e-wallet, you can fund any card. From the funds in your bank accounts, you can also send funds to a card. These debit and credit cards include that of Visa and MasterCard and their own company’s prepaid card.

Inter-bank transfers

If you are funding a debit card that belongs to the same bank that the money is coming from, it is simple to transfer using the banks’ electronic payment methods. You can use an ATM, send it using mobile banking.

Direct deposit

You can deposit the funds directly into the debit card account. By going to the debit card bank to line up and deposit at a teller or using an ATM to make a cash deposit, the money can be debited instantly.

Send funds online

When you want to transfer funds to a debit card, you don’t have to take a single step. There is a reliable money services app that you can download to your Android or IOS mobile device. When you have this app, you get to tap the various ways to transfer funds both internationally and domestically. You can move money using different payment methods and get funds from more sources such as your e-wallet, other cards, and accounts.

You want to be able to have no limits when it comes to accessing your money. You’ll also might want to download this company’s e-wallet and to be able get a new prepaid virtual card.