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Being a bit of a rebel helped me when I was told that I would never amount to anything. Guess what, Dad…you were wrong. I learned how to knit.

Learning things the hard way included dosing myself with a boatload of toxic substances in an effort to find a more comfortable frame of mind. During these tumultuous years I forgot to knit. During my recovery, I discovered a new concept; I had choices.

While I worked at the yarn store, you… the customer… praised my knitting skills and told me that you liked me. Learning to accept praise was one of those aforementioned choices, and my confidence grew with each new friend. You let me solve your knitting puzzles, teach you new skills and grow your confidence. My world grew happy.

I spent a lifetime trying to understand the 'why' of knitting... how it helps my anxiety, how it brings me such happiness and comfort. While poking around one day at www.stitchlinks.com, I found letters from knitters just like me who had stories to tell, stories just like mine -  how we found relief from our pains and troubles, how knitting soothes and comforts us. When Betsan Corkhill, administrator of Stitchlinks and author of Knit for Health & Wellness, asked knitters and stitchers from around the world to share their stories. I sent her mine.

Love in Every Stitch; Stories of Knitting and Healing would not have come about were it not for Betsan and the work that she does.  Thank you Betsan at www.stitchlinks.com,  Thank you knitters and crocheters everywhere.

Learn more about my work, my life and how knitting helps me and thousands of others.  Watch this YouTube video.  Thanks.

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